Mechanisms – Glazing – Rubbers – Glues

The frames mechanisms that we use for windows and shutters come from renowned German companies and are lockable at multiple points. Our frames have sealed perimeters utilizing rubbers placed on both the frame and the panel, contributing to better thermal and sound insulation. On the lower side of the frame there is an aluminum cap drip.

Our glazing is of European origin and come in great variety, doubles, thermal-sound insulating, energy saving, with or without Argon gas in the in-between gap for better protection from ultraviolet rays and higher thermal transmittance. The placing of the glazing on the frame is done with the use of layers of a special, neutral silicon. Our glues are certified according to ΕΝ204/205 for humidity endurance and according to ΕΝ14257 (watt 91), (ift Rosenheim) for heat resistance.