For the painting and our excellent finishing of our constructions we use water-soluble, environmental friendly varnishes of the highest quality standards coming from renowned foreign suppliers like Sikkens from Germany and Renner from Italy. They are distinguished for their long-term durability under harsh weather conditions because of their great elasticity and excellent sun protection with UV filters.

Moreover, because of their high water concentration they can be qualified as fire-resistant, odorless, non-toxic, waterproof and resistant to contractions – dilations. With proper maintenance we can preserve a flawless appearance of our products throughout the years.

Painting Stages

We use advanced painting materials, specially adapted to Mediterranean and specifically to Greek sunlight conditions.

Our paints are fully certified. The painting stages that we follow are the most appropriate for outdoor windows/doors and are the following:
First stage of impregnation with fungicides, second stage of coloring the wood, third stage of preparation with water-soluble varnish, fourth stage of final water-soluble varnish for excellent durability and appearance of timber products.